Samsung AX5000 Vs AX3300 Air Purifier Full Comparison



Samsung AX5000 Vs AX3300 Air Purifier Full Comparison

Samsung AX5000 Vs AX3300 Air Purifier Full Comparison
Samsung is a well-known brand in the air purification market, and their AX5000 and AX3300 models are two popular choices for those looking to improve the air quality in their home. Both of these models feature high-efficiency filters and powerful suction, but there are some key differences between them that may make one a better fit for your needs.

What Is The Difference Between Samsung AX5000 And Samsung AX3300?

If you are considering purchasing an air purifier and are currently weighing the options of the Samsung AX5000 and the Samsung AX3300, this article aims to provide a comprehensive comparison of the features of both models to assist you in making an informed decision that aligns with your specific requirements.

Samsung AX5000 ReviewSamsung Air Purifier AX5000 has the following features.

Pure air, wide and fast

Quickly purifies a wide area, reaching from corner to corner. A Front Air Inflow easily draws in air and a Power Fan spreads clean air in 3 directions, so it reaches much wider and faster with a high CADR.

Removes up to 99% of PM2.5

Keeps the air pure with a 4-step purification system. It removes various harmful gases like formaldehyde and up to 99% of ultrafine dust and eliminates up to 99% of certain viruses and allergens.

Intelligent & accurate display

The Double Smart Sensor monitors the real-time air quality and automatically optimizes the operation. Its digital display numerically shows the number of dust particles and gaseous contaminants separately.

Move your fresh air with you

It’s really easy to move whenever and wherever you want as it has hidden wheels, which don’t spoil the overall design. So it can be simply pushed or pulled to any location that needs more intensive purifying.
Samsung AX3300 ReviewSamsung Air Purifier AX3300 has the following features.

farewell dust bacteria and harmful gases.

Ideal for smaller living spaces and bedrooms, this unit is compact yet powerful. It purifies and deodorises* the air using a 3-step purification system featuring an Air Sensing Light that bathes the room with a soft soothing glow.

Multi-Layered Purification System

Help alleviate allergy symptoms and reduce irritation to eyes, nose and throat, by capturing airborne particles, harmful gases and inhibiting the spread of captured bacteria.

4-Colour Indicator and Air Sensing Mood Light

Check the air pollution more intuitively. Dust and Gas Sensors monitor the air quality, and it automatically optimises the operating mode. A 4-Colour Indicator also clearly shows how clean the air is. And an Air Sensing Light shows the air status, so you can tell how clean the air is.

Auto Mode / Sleep Mode / Timer

Enjoy purer air to suit your needs. Auto Mode senses the air pollution and automatically adjusts the power and fan speed. So it saves effort and can reduce energy use. Especially as a timer can schedule when it turns off. Sleep Mode also creates a softer and quieter air flow, with no lighting.

Head-to-Head Comparison of Key Features

Both the Samsung Ax5000 and Samsung Ax3300 are good Air Purifier, but there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing between them.

Samsung AX5000  Specification

Capacity (㎡)50 m²
CADR (㎥/h)411.8 m²/h
Noise (dBA)46 dBA
Power Consumption(W)35 W
Air Flow Control Step (Cool/Fan)3
SmartThings App SupportYes

Samsung AX3300  Specification

Capacity (㎡)40 ㎡
CADR (㎥/h)311 ㎥/h
Noise (dBA)20dBA
Power Consumption(W)40W
Air Flow Control3 STEP(H-M-L)
Sensor (Dust)PM10

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