Samsung SWA-9500S Wireless Rear Speaker Kit


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  • Type: Wireless Rear Speaker Kit
  • Compatible with: Samsung Soundbars (Q700A, Q800A, Q900A)
  • Features: Adds Dolby Atmos® Rear Channels for Immersive Sound, Simple Wireless Connection, Wall-Mountable Design
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Experience the thrill of cinematic surround sound with the Samsung SWA-9500S Wireless Rear Speaker Kit. Designed to seamlessly expand your compatible Samsung soundbar, this wireless kit unlocks a captivating Dolby Atmos® experience, placing you right in the heart of the action for movies, music, and games.

Samsung SWA-9500S Features

  • Adds Dolby Atmos® Rear Channels for Immersive Sound: Transform your living room into a dynamic soundstage. The SWA-9500S wirelessly adds two rear channels to your compatible Samsung soundbar, enabling the power of Dolby Atmos®. This immersive audio format creates a truly three-dimensional soundscape, with sounds moving overhead, around you, and even behind you, replicating the experience of a high-end theater.

  • Simple Wireless Connection: Forget about messy wires and complicated setups. The SWA-9500S boasts a straightforward wireless connection process. Simply pair the rear speakers with your compatible Samsung soundbar (Q700A, Q800A, or Q900A) using Bluetooth, and you’ll be ready to enjoy surround sound in minutes. No additional cables or audio receivers are needed, keeping your entertainment area clean and clutter-free.

  • Wall-Mountable Design: The SWA-9500S features a sleek and compact design that seamlessly integrates into your home theater setup. The speakers are wall-mountable, allowing for flexible placement and maximizing space in your living room. This also creates a more immersive and realistic audio experience with sound effects seemingly originating from behind you.


  • Effortless Dolby Atmos® Expansion: Experience the magic of Dolby Atmos® surround sound with your compatible Samsung soundbar.
  • Wireless Convenience: Enjoy a clutter-free setup with a simple and reliable Bluetooth connection.
  • Compact & Wall-Mountable: The small size and wall-mounting capability enhance aesthetics and maximize space utilization.
  • Enhanced Audio Experience: Immerse yourself in rich and detailed surround sound for movies, music, and gaming.


  • Limited Compatibility: The SWA-9500S is only compatible with specific Samsung soundbar models (Q700A, Q800A, and Q900A). Verify compatibility before purchasing.
  • Lacks Dedicated Subwoofer: While adding rear channels, the SWA-9500S doesn’t include a subwoofer. Ensure your compatible soundbar has a built-in subwoofer or consider adding a separate one for deeper bass response.


  • Is the Samsung SWA-9500S compatible with my Samsung soundbar?

The SWA-9500S is designed for use with Samsung soundbars models Q700A, Q800A, and Q900A. To confirm compatibility, check the user manual or specifications of your soundbar or visit the Samsung website.

  • How do I connect the SWA-9500S to my soundbar?

The connection process is typically straightforward. Refer to the user manuals of both your soundbar and the SWA-9500S for specific instructions. Generally, it involves powering on the speakers and following the on-screen prompts on your soundbar to establish a Bluetooth connection.

  • Do I need a separate subwoofer with the SWA-9500S?

The SWA-9500S focuses on adding rear channels for surround sound. If your compatible Samsung soundbar doesn’t have a built-in subwoofer, you may want to consider a separate subwoofer for enhanced bass response and a complete surround sound experience.

Specification Table:

TypeWireless Rear Speaker Kit
Compatible SoundbarsSamsung Soundbars (Q700A, Q800A, Q900A)
Number of Speakers2
Audio Channels2.0 (Rear Surround)
ConnectivityWireless (Bluetooth)
PowerPowered by AC Adapter (included)
Dimensions (per speaker)Width: 7.9″ (20.1cm) x Height: 9.8″ (24.9cm) x Depth: 5.5″ (14.0cm)
Weight (per speaker)4.4 lbs (2.0kg)
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Samsung SWA-9500S Wireless Rear Speaker Kit
Samsung SWA-9500S Wireless Rear Speaker Kit
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