CROWNLINE Hotplate 195


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  • 22,000.00
  • 22,000.00
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  • Type: Infrared Cooker (Induction Cooker)
  • Power: 2000W
  • Features: Single Induction Hob, Pre-set Functions (Hotpot, Grill, Fried, Hot, Water, Soup, Milk), 4-hour Timer, Temperature Range (80-600°C), LED Display, 8 Safety Protections
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CROWNLINE Hotplate 195 has the following features.

Crownline Hot Plate 195: The Complete Infrared Cooking Solution for Your Kitchen

Experience the convenience and efficiency of infrared cooking with the Crownline Hot Plate 195. This versatile countertop cooker offers a powerful and user-friendly solution for all your cooking needs, from boiling water to searing steaks.

Powerful Performance with 2000W of Heating Power

The  CROWNLINE Hotplate 195 boasts 2000 watts of heating power, ensuring rapid heat-up times and efficient cooking. This powerful performance allows you to quickly boil water, sear meat, or stir-fry vegetables with ease.

Single Induction Hob for Versatile Cooking

The CROWNLINE Hotplate 195 features a single induction hob, perfect for everyday cooking tasks. The smooth, glass cooktop is easy to clean and provides a stable cooking surface for your pots and pans.

Simplify Cooking with Pre-set Functions

This infrared cooker comes equipped with seven pre-set cooking functions, including Hotpot, Grill, Fried, Hot, Water, Soup, and Milk. These settings take the guesswork out of cooking, allowing you to achieve perfect results with the touch of a button. Simply choose the desired pre-set function, and the Hot Plate 195 will automatically adjust the temperature for optimal cooking.

Precise Temperature Control with LED Display

The CROWNLINE Hotplate 195 features an intuitive LED display that shows the current temperature setting. Additionally, you can manually adjust the temperature in 20-degree increments within a range of 80°C to 600°C, providing precise control for different cooking methods.

Peace of Mind with Built-in Safety Features

The CROWNLINE Hotplate 195 prioritizes safety. It incorporates eight built-in safety protections, including automatic shut-off features, overload protection, and residual heat indicators. These features ensure a safe and worry-free cooking experience.

With its powerful performance, versatile cooking functions, precise temperature control, and safety features, the CROWNLINE Hotplate 195 is the perfect countertop cooking solution for busy kitchens, dorms, or anywhere you need a convenient and efficient way to prepare meals.

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CROWNLINE Hotplate 195
CROWNLINE Hotplate 195
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