Ecostar 32U575 32 inch LED TV Price In Pakistan



Ecostar 32U575 32 inch LED TV

  • Screen Size: 32″
  • LED: IPS
  • Resolution: 1,366 x 768 (HD Ready)
  • USB Connectivity: Yes
  • HDMI Input: 2
  • PC-Input: Audio & Video


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The Ecostar 32U575 32 inch is a high-quality, low-cost, full-spectrum lighting system that can be used for indoor cultivation. This light fixture uses a combination of T5 fluorescent tubes and LEDs. These lights are designed to provide the best possible environment for your plants while being affordable and easy to use.

The Costar LED Lighting System is a high-efficiency lighting system that uses LED lights to provide consistent light output at a fraction of the cost of traditional HID systems. Its compact size makes it ideal for indoor cultivation environments.

Quality Never Goes Out of Style!

Our high-quality A-Grade panel reduces the amount of light scattering in the matrix, which gives IPS its characteristic wide viewing angles and good color reproduction.

Smoother On-Screen Movement!

Whatever you’re watching, you’ll enjoy a silk-smoothing on-screen look in fast-moving action sequences with Motion Engine technology.

Superior Picture Quality!

EcoStar HDMI delivers, both, dazzling quality and unmatched ease of use bringing you HD content without compression during data transmission.

Picture Perfect!

Witness the entire RGB spectrum brought to life on your screen to bring you exceptionally vibrant, yet natural-looking images faithful to the director’s original intent.

Fluid Motion for Greater Clarity!

The latest version of EcoStar’s Real Color Engine fully digital video processor uses a collection of unique EcoStar algorithms to significantly reduce noise and produce sharp, vibrant, life-like images. EcoStar Real color Engine technology optimizes the color, contrast, detail, and clarity of every scene for exceptional performance.

What is an LED like Ecostar 32U575?

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are a type of light source that uses electrical energy to emit light. They have been used to create many different types of lighting devices, including incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps, high bay lights, and motion-sensing lights. LEDs require less current than other light sources, use less power, last longer, and can emit color temperatures similar to that of sunlight. In addition, they are much more efficient at converting electricity into light than traditional light sources, producing about 10 times more lumens per watt.


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24", 32", 39"

Resolution:1366x768 (HD)
Display R.Rate60Hz
Bluetooth AudioYes
Operating SystemEcho Star
Game ModeNo
WiFi DirectNo
Power Consumption55W
Google AssistanceNo
Amazon AlexaNo


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